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Upon reflection, it looks like I chewed, slurped and gnawed my way through the long weekend. Which I totally did. Between masaman kai (that i found a recipe for, and will replicate soon) and 2 slabs of falling-off-the-bone BBQ pork … Continue reading

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It’s why I’m zaftig. Or: Excuses excuses

So I was thinking about the past couple of days. Then I read a friend’s post where she talked about the past couple of days and how her time was pretty much all spent kicking videogame ass. The I thought … Continue reading

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One of the things Terry says is that the way to stay in love is to remember how you got there in the first place. That’s been helpful, going over old memories and planning fun together. In the interest of … Continue reading

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O the drama

can’t really tell you about it, tho. However, in an attempt to escape drama for a day or two, and perhaps even recover sensibilities and cease with the constant anxiety, Terry and I are going to Atlanta tomorrow, will stay … Continue reading

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I am in dire need of some happy. tell me a joke, send a funny link or a picture that makes you laugh. Life in the Toot household is kind of crunchy right now, so give a sister a laugh,please.

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hot summer nights

I remember as a kid, playing kickball with the neighbors until it got too dark to see, then catching fireflies, then running home to see if it was OK to spend the night at Linda’s (always better there, her mom … Continue reading

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Summer is definitely here. The weather forecast predicts days in the mid-high 90’s for the rest of the week, and even at 7am the air conditioner is blowing and ceiling fans are on. I love ceiling fans. Anyway, in the … Continue reading

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I’d like a taco, please

I think everyone has a go-to thing for whatever situation comes up. I have them, and as compulsive as it seems (c’mon Rootie! Show some IMAGINATION! Where’s your spontinaet sponteniet darn it…”the act of being spontaneous”) Well, if you haven’t … Continue reading

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I have Systems. The week is orderly, each day defined by what’s to be done, when and how. There’s also Food Systems. Cooking a meal is more than just cooking for the 3, 4 or sometimes 5 and occasionally 6 … Continue reading

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After 2+ weeks of master bathroom renovations (which still aren’t done, but at least I can see the end of it now), the bedroom was a flamin’ mess. A pile of paint cans, drop clothes,baskets full of shi…er…stuff from the … Continue reading

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