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still procrastinating

It’s cold outside, I think another cup of hot coffee is required, before getting started. I need to get dressed, but flannel pants and a fleece hoodie are so comfortable and warm. I’m hungry, and there’s still 2 sweet rolls … Continue reading

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The way of the world

Terry and I talk about this alot. What are we going to do when the boys are all married, and it’s Christmas? The way of the world seems to be that married people spend holidays with the wife’s parents. Right … Continue reading

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Fat little white guy

The problem is that every time I turn around there’s abother recipe that looks SO GOOD and I think “OH! I should make that for Christmas Day!” but when is enough enough? I think I’ve reached it but Pillsbury keeps … Continue reading

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I’m standing on home base, knees bent, squinting at the pitcher, bat waving a little over my shoulder…will I knock it out of the park? Or bunt and dribble a sad little bouncing ball toward 3rd base, or will the … Continue reading

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I thought I made enough…

Yesterday was cold, wet and sloppy. not cold enough for interesting stuff like ice or snow, but enough that additional layers of clothing and a bit of whining was in order. As such, I made chili for supper. See, understand … Continue reading

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New toys to play with

So, as an early Christmas gift (which does NOT absolve him of the responsibility to put wrapped things under the tree) Terry replaced my sick and dying old laptop with a shiny new LARGE screen one, and added PhotoShop to … Continue reading

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Things that make you go hmmmmmm

See, Christmas is coming, right,and Terry’s parents are coming Christmas Eve and staying until Sunday, when they will leave and take #4 with them for the week. Cool, eh! Terry has to work Monday-Wednesday doing inventory so I’ll be Home … Continue reading

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Mean nasty no-good probably-doesn’t-even-love-her-kid Mom

Yep, that’s me. I’m a MNNGPDELHKM. Wot? you say? It’s like this. #4’s school is clear on the other side of town. Now, it’s not like we live in College Park and he goes to a private school in Chamblee … Continue reading

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Mmmm y’all oh mmmmm

So it’s the kind of blustery cold Southern winter day. It calls for warm cozy food and comfortable stuff like afghans and a cat in your lap and a dog laying on her back pleading “O pleeeeeze rub mah belly!” … Continue reading

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