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Deck the halls, rah rah rah…

In spite of the worlds best efforts, in spite of cheery commercials that tell me if I give/get expensive electronics and sparkly jewelry I will be showing/receiving proper love to my family, in spite of a massive stack of catalogs … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Our eldest son is moving out (again) today.  I am….not sad. Mainly because once he’s out, the room he was in will get a serious scrub down, a fresh coat of wax on the floor and paint on the walls. … Continue reading

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reaching up

I have been a housewife for 25 years. When I was a child, I dreamed of various things. I wanted to be a physician- a neurologist or maybe a psychiatrist, then decided no, the sight of blood made me faint … Continue reading

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I can do this.

One of the things I have trouble with is perspective. I get  caught up in the problems and issues of family, and how THIS CRISIS seems overwhelming, and THAT SITUATION is intractable but the reality is…it’s all kind of small, … Continue reading

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The family letter

In 1927, The Family Letter was started. My grandmother’s mother’s family, the Cunninghams, started this letter so all the cousins and descendants could keep up with each other. It is still going on! I received the letter on Saturday. When … Continue reading

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Becoming Self Aware

ok,first, a recap of the weekend.  Saturday we drove CJ (our 21 yr old) and #4 (13) up to Terry’s parents house in Madison-about 3 hours north of here and 45 minutes east of Atlanta. Then Terry and I went … Continue reading

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The trip to the grocery store…oy vey.  It was Big Groceries, too, a whole buggy full. I was nearly checked out, maybe 5 items left, and…the cash register computers died. All of them.  The cashier said “uh boy…last time this … Continue reading

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