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(scuze me while I put a piece of a post-it note over the Jillian Michaels ad in the sidebar…she’s glaring at me for the potato soup i had for lunch. Piss off ya hipless witch. And for God’s sake stop … Continue reading

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Ok I’m back…

After a few days off. I had a D&C Monday and have been feeling wan and precious, plus a friend was here to help and commiserate, which is always lovely. she even rearranged the inside of my fridge…and before you … Continue reading

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well ok then…one more time

Terry had such a good time with the National Championship (War Eagle! Hoot!) party he held in the mancave, he wants to do it again. I’m down with that. Men in a cave in the backyard,far enough away I can … Continue reading

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The digital age vs the stone age

I grew up before home computers, cell phones and the like. We got our first microwave oven when I was in 9th grade, and I didn’t have a color tv until after Terry and I got married. So, I learned … Continue reading

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Finally, normal winter weather

…and other news. It’s not so cold now. Those 18 degree nights were highly peculiar for this region,tho I am not complaining because a good solid chill like that makes for FABULOUS roses in the Spring. We had cold like … Continue reading

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ode to the velour track suit

I love being 45 and more worried about comfort than style. 2 years ago, with a degree of trepidation, I purchased a hot pink velour track suit. Probably not the best choice of color because with my narrow shoulders and … Continue reading

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On Growing old

I’m aging. There’s an upcoming medical procedure that is a result of getting old and I am NOT looking forward to it, but it needs doing. And…sigh…I guess it comes with getting old, which I never really thought about happening … Continue reading

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