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The latest definition of Hell

Sweet Daddio’s Plant 1 had their Holiday Potluck Lunch today. He asked me to stop at the Gitten’ Place and git him some Fried Chicken, 50 pc please. So I did, because I’m nice that way and because it will … Continue reading

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I’m trying to work up the (whatever)…to undecorate. Decorating for Christmas is so much more fun than undecorating. De-decorate. Whateveryoucallit. I got a little bit done before I ran out of figurative gas. This is how it works in the … Continue reading

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So they came and went

My parents that is. Mom’s still suffering the lingering effects of a cold, so the stay was blissfully short. Pleasant, and short. They brought gifts: new suspenders for Sweet Daddio, a bottle of champagne vinegar and a can of Czech … Continue reading

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So, #3 has decided NOT to drop out of school after all. Apparently he talked to people with actual credibility (in other words: not his parents) and they all encouraged him to stay on and earn his diploma. I’ll take … Continue reading

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This is ridiculous. It happens like this every single year, back as long as I can remember. Christmas Day comes, the hysteria and festivities are over by 6 am, and the rest of the day is spent sitting around with … Continue reading

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There, I can relax now.

My part (which, being the wife, is the most involved) is done. Packages are wrapped, chocolates are made, and a smoked ham sits quietly in the beer fridge (don’t ask), waiting for a crust of dijon mustard and brown sugar. … Continue reading

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Well this was a first…

So, this morning about 7 I stirred #3 to get up for work. He shuffled out of the bedroom and promptly threw up. Well, ok, thinks I, I guess he ate something that disagreed with him. “Smoked salmon” sez he, … Continue reading

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Now here’s an idea

Do you ever run up against a wall, can’t think of something original and straight from the heart to give as a gift? Try coupons. No, don’t go clipping them out of magazines. make your own. Make one for lunch- … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from me to you

2 recipes, a savory and a sweet. Rosemary-Walnut biscotti Delicious with warm brie, or any other soft mild cheese like fontina or monterey jack. Oven: 325F 2-1/4 cups flour 2 tablespoons cornmeal 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt Blend … Continue reading

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