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I am a 14 yr old boy.

So, Will(23), CJ(20), #4(12) and I were having dinner this evening. Terry, who is the mature person in the household, had some sort of business meeting and wasn’t there. At some point in the conversation, Will tells of of a … Continue reading

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I’m a Bad Mother

Tonight I was cooking Thai, and opened a can of lychee fruits. “What’s that?” #4 asked. “canned camel’s balls” I answered “you can get those??” he exclaimed “yes!” I said, and showed him the can, covering the title, but showing … Continue reading

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The generosity astonishes.

So the whole Homer Affair was pretty awful. I won’t say it’s as bad as it gets, because my children are all alive and healthy, no one is starving, no one has been abducted into sexual slavery in Thailand. (my … Continue reading

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Well, that was pretty awful.

Homersaurus Rex,we had him less than a week, folks. I took him to the vet and he was given a gold star for being healthy, and a tablet of Sentinel, the heartworm and flea once a month preventative. And he … Continue reading

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Homersaurus Rex

that’s his new name. He was so laid back and mellow when we got him, like “dude, whatever…i’ll just lay here and chill.” but apparently he was either drugged or had to evaluate the situation or something because NOW he’s … Continue reading

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What’s up with that?

Typically, I enjoy buying groceries. It’s fun. (no, I don’t get out much, why do you ask?). There is a very set method: 1. I always use tote bags. I despise plastic grocery bags because they suck, and everything falls … Continue reading

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I love it when that happens!

So, I’ve been blogging now for about 10 years. There’s 6 years worth here, and another 4 elsewhere that I don’t remember. Maybe some of you do…doesn’t matter. Anyway, there are a few blogs I’ve followed throughout my writing ‘career’. … Continue reading

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Stinky little puppy shoved up next to me, snoring softly and groaning occasionally. 2 Old Maids in the chair across the room, sleeping and occasionally cracking open an eye to glare at the puppy. 1 more Old Maid on the … Continue reading

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Well, we did it

Terry got in touch with Missy at Porth Kennels, and we drove the 2-1/2 hours to look at puppies. There were several to choose from, and rather than choosing one (how do you pick just one?), Terry sat down in … Continue reading

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I’ve checked my brain at the door.

You see, we only have 3 of them. And they’re like potato chips. Who only eats 3 potato chips? And the odd number upsets the balance of The Universe According To Rootietoot. The obvious answer is to get another one. … Continue reading

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