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Nanny Goats in Panties Interview

So, over at Citizen Of The Month I am participating in The Great Interview Experiment! I have the privilege of interviewing Margaret of Nanny Goats in Panties and here it is! If you’re interested, I was interviewed by Nichole of … Continue reading

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So, I’m kind of half listening to David (20)playing some game on his computer, talking to the other players and all, not paying any attention to what he’s saying until I hear “Ok, are your eyes still glowing green with … Continue reading

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I’m up early this Sunday morning, big surprise, eh? Terry and CJ got up in the attic yesterday and dug out the boxes of Christmas shi…er…stuff. The Santa mugs are in their places (guest bathroom, dining room, living room). There’s … Continue reading

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Game Over!

Today’s agenda: a little bit of laundry, and not sharing the bourbon pecan pie whilst watching House.

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Game Over!

I have the rest of the day to vegetate in front of the TV, do a bit of laundry, maybe eat some food, maybe not share that bourbon pecan pie Bro Scott brought. Plans weren’t made for Christmas…as we’re all … Continue reading

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This is one of those great days, after-anxiety let down but still looking forward to a bit of fun and even after that there’s still a whole ‘nother day of rolling around in our jammies and eating The Glorious Leftover. … Continue reading

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I feel a tradition coming on…

Here it is, Friday after Thanksgiving. Lunch involved leftovers, but CJ had his own ideas of culinary indulgence. “mom, let’s fry some pickles.” We knew this would be likely to happen, as Uncle Navy Dude dislikes frying (greases up his … Continue reading

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Well! That went better than expected!

My motto worked this time: Expect the worst, when it happens, you’re prepared, and if it doesn’t, you’re pleasantly surprised! So Mother In Law and Father In Law came in Wednesday afternoon, and we had a pleasant and light meal … Continue reading

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tryptophan coma

antidote to tryptophan coma and mother in law boredom: Military channel talking about Abrams tanks, and a deep glass of cranberry and vodka. There is the son “you just threw away like yesterdays garbage” leaning against my knees on the … Continue reading

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My Thanksgiving gift to you, courtesy Sweet Daddio’s Happy Place

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