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Solutions to problems

I’m getting a new fridge. I’ve never had a side-by-side before. Never had an icemaker, either. Now I’m getting both! I’m so fancy! They’re supposed to show up late morning. I am happy that Will will be here, because I … Continue reading

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One of those days

Yesterday, I noticed that the ice in the freezer wasn’t ice. Uh oh…I thought. The freezer’s on the fritz. Terry spent time cleaning the coils and doing his magic man-thing to it…but still no ice, just trays of water. However, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

My Poor Puppy Rusty, (that’s his name now, to be referred to as “PPR)…he has a broken foot. 3 metatarsals in his front left foot, with nice clean breaks, not displaced (thank goodness, that would have required surgery and pins). … Continue reading

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Don’t call me a Foodie

Granted, I am a Culinary Adventurer. I’ll try most anything, if someone else is paying for it. Even with my last post about being change resistant, I do love to try new food. I am not, however, one of these … Continue reading

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I don’t like change

As a child and young adult, I thrived on exciting times. Going places, moving, doing something new, I loved that stuff! I’d get excited about some new music, or a change in the fashions, or an opportunity to spend time … Continue reading

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Lovely things are blooming in the House of Rootie…well ok, they aren’t blooming IN the house, but rather on the patio and in the garden, but House of Rootie also includes Property of Rootie…ok of Rootie’s Husband but Also Rootie … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

I don’t really do a Thing for Easter. The house is not decorated, there are not baskets of candy and stuff for the kids, and I don’t bake a ham or fix a fancy dinner of any sort. It’s not … Continue reading

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