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I love Monday

Oh I know, people groan about the weekend being over and back to the grind and all that…but I love a Monday. It’s a fresh start and the week is full of possibilities. Monday is the day I do laundry, … Continue reading

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Life explained

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I went to StuffMArt today to get some stuff, and realized you can tell alot about a person by what’s in their buggy. All that’s missing is a brick of .22 longs.

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The Blurt Factor

Do you have it? I do, that tendency to bypass the brain-mouth filter and just say something, without considering consequence or how the other person might react. When I was growing up, my parents called me tactless. I was just … Continue reading

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Stepping up

Yesterday when I went to pick Eli up from school, the teachers met me and said “we need to talk.” Uh oh… It seems Eli still has the Public School Work Ethic. That is, he is accustomed to getting by … Continue reading

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New Recipe!

At Rootie’s Kitchen. Ok not a new recipe, I’ve put it up here before, but it’s a tasty summer recipe and deserves a repost.

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I love a rainy day!

I dont know why. It’s not as if I spend all my time outside this time of year. Outside around here involves however long it takes to get to the car or the mailbox, or maybe (if I’m feeling industrious) … Continue reading

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Lather, rinse, repeat

Sometimes it feels like a broken record. In the mornings: “#4! Time to get up! Up and at ’em! Shake a leg! Get a move on! Time to get dressed! Breakfast is ready! Do your chores! Stop talking and finish … Continue reading

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It’s that whole NEw Year thing kicking into high gear

School started Monday, Sunday School resumes today, Rev. Barnes starts a new sermon series today, it’s a potluck Sunday… all that good Fall stuff is settling into place. Oh sure the weather still acts like Summer but I’m ok with … Continue reading

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I’ve got toooo much…time on my hands!

messing around with various avatar generators.

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