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How’s this for funny?

This guy is now following me on Twitter. I don’t mind posting it, because it’s a business with a web site, but one wonders, why is a business that installs M-16’s in Hummers following a housewife from Georgia? Will I … Continue reading

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What We Do For Fun

7am on a Saturday morning finds Sweet Daddio and I sitting in our respective living room chairs, each with a laptop, reading to each other the Statesboro Police Report from yesterday. Only now he’s looking at JohnBoy and Billy video … Continue reading

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The winds of change

They are a’blowin’ through the Toot household. I’d like to get both bathrooms renovated first. And give the shrubberies a haircut. And I have absolutely NO idea what we’d do with #3 and his Truck Project. Whatever it is, it … Continue reading

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For The Love of Food

I’ve made it abundantly clear, this torrid love affair I have with food. My next door neighbor called with an offer too good to refuse. “I’ve made reservations for 2 for the Culinary Arts School Graduation Project, wanna come?” For … Continue reading

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When in doubt, fry it.

That was the headliner on the Fine Cooking article about fried mac and cheese. Doesn’t that sound….um….really, really….er…good? So I read the recipe. And it sounds mouthwateringly good. This is where you say something like “Rootie, I don’t ever want … Continue reading

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Wednesday Evening and All Is Well

Dinner was French Toast Casserole. Tasty and expiditious, yes indeed. Recipe follows in a bit. I went to the store today, for milk and bread, and came home with Lemon Drop mixer and a jar of maraschino cherries. I am … Continue reading

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Bad Mood

I’ve decided to try naming my posts something that might cause hits from a google search. Pandering? yeah, so what. Yesterday afternoon my typically partly-cloudy mood (I am rarely chipper or sunny) took a downturn and became stormy with a … Continue reading

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So, another home improvement project

We have this Bad Bathroom. Really bad, as in last remodeled in 1967, with penicillin green fixtures and sparkley gold linoleum. We are changing that. The tub is no longer green, but a crisp white, thanks to a fancy-pants epoxy … Continue reading

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