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How’s this for funny?

This guy is now following me on Twitter. I don’t mind posting it, because it’s a business with a web site, but one wonders, why is a business that installs M-16’s in Hummers following a housewife from Georgia? Will I … Continue reading

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What We Do For Fun

7am on a Saturday morning finds Sweet Daddio and I sitting in our respective living room chairs, each with a laptop, reading to each other the Statesboro Police Report from yesterday. Only now he’s looking at JohnBoy and Billy video … Continue reading

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The winds of change

They are a’blowin’ through the Toot household. I’d like to get both bathrooms renovated first. And give the shrubberies a haircut. And I have absolutely NO idea what we’d do with #3 and his Truck Project. Whatever it is, it … Continue reading

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For The Love of Food

I’ve made it abundantly clear, this torrid love affair I have with food. My next door neighbor called with an offer too good to refuse. “I’ve made reservations for 2 for the Culinary Arts School Graduation Project, wanna come?” For … Continue reading

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When in doubt, fry it.

That was the headliner on the Fine Cooking article about fried mac and cheese. Doesn’t that sound….um….really, really….er…good? So I read the recipe. And it sounds mouthwateringly good. This is where you say something like “Rootie, I don’t ever want … Continue reading

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Wednesday Evening and All Is Well

Dinner was French Toast Casserole. Tasty and expiditious, yes indeed. Recipe follows in a bit. I went to the store today, for milk and bread, and came home with Lemon Drop mixer and a jar of maraschino cherries. I am … Continue reading

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