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Update on Graceless

The Invalid Cat (you can call that in-VAL-id or IN-vuh-lid…take your pick) refuses to be invalidated. how many days? Thursday she had hip surgery…so let’s call it (counts on fingers…looks at calendar) 4 days post-op and she’s all “hey lemme … Continue reading

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Help me out!

I have a request. First, background…for Christmas I like to make massive quantities of nibbles that get set out and we all nosh on them all day long. I don’t fix a big fancy sit down dinner, because who wants … Continue reading

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Grace the Cat and Phleud

So my cat, Grace (or Gracie) was (we think) hit by a car Wednesday morning around 9:30. She is not, however, a grease spot on the road. For this we are thankful. She does, however, have a broken pelvis. And … Continue reading

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A plug, advertisement if you want to call it that

Typewriter Gimmick The writing blog of mine own #1, Will. Go there, do things to his stats.

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I had a couple of weeks reprieve, that was nice. Like a little vacation from…something…reality? I don’t know. I just know I went 2 whole weeks without any drama or tension or STUFF. Now it’s back, the feeling that there’s … Continue reading

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You have now entered….The Twilight Zone

I was griping at the boys about their bathroom resembling a 1970s truck stop restroom, odor and all. See, I don’t use it. I don’t go in it, I don’t go near it. It’s theirs and if they don’t care … Continue reading

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Shopping never turns out like it should.

Yesterday I had to take Carmina (the Salsa Red convertible that was my reward for driving a minivan for 22 years) to the dealer for some warranty fixin’. Since it was going to take several hours, the dealer shuttle gave … Continue reading

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