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Update on Graceless

The Invalid Cat (you can call that in-VAL-id or IN-vuh-lid…take your pick) refuses to be invalidated. how many days? Thursday she had hip surgery…so let’s call it (counts on fingers…looks at calendar) 4 days post-op and she’s all “hey lemme … Continue reading

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Help me out!

I have a request. First, background…for Christmas I like to make massive quantities of nibbles that get set out and we all nosh on them all day long. I don’t fix a big fancy sit down dinner, because who wants … Continue reading

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Grace the Cat and Phleud

So my cat, Grace (or Gracie) was (we think) hit by a car Wednesday morning around 9:30. She is not, however, a grease spot on the road. For this we are thankful. She does, however, have a broken pelvis. And … Continue reading

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A plug, advertisement if you want to call it that

Typewriter Gimmick The writing blog of mine own #1, Will. Go there, do things to his stats.

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I had a couple of weeks reprieve, that was nice. Like a little vacation from…something…reality? I don’t know. I just know I went 2 whole weeks without any drama or tension or STUFF. Now it’s back, the feeling that there’s … Continue reading

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You have now entered….The Twilight Zone

I was griping at the boys about their bathroom resembling a 1970s truck stop restroom, odor and all. See, I don’t use it. I don’t go in it, I don’t go near it. It’s theirs and if they don’t care … Continue reading

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Shopping never turns out like it should.

Yesterday I had to take Carmina (the Salsa Red convertible that was my reward for driving a minivan for 22 years) to the dealer for some warranty fixin’. Since it was going to take several hours, the dealer shuttle gave … Continue reading

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Prodding toward adulthood

So, a week ago today #1 son moved back home. Today he said he found it briefly humiliating, but when all of his friends called him fortunate (The FOOD! The hot water!) he got over that, and is now feeling … Continue reading

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The Mater Familias

All things said, I have an excellent family. No one’s dead, and no one’s pregnant. That’s the mantra around here. Anything else is just an inconvenience. We had a long weekend, 3 days! And Terry in his sweet way, TOOK … Continue reading

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Not sure how to title this…

Aaaand Will, 23 year old #1 Son,is moving back in. Due to circumstances involving work not providing enough to live on and some other stuff, he’s back. I am thankful we have a room for him, thankful that we didn’t … Continue reading

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