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Silly thing.

My brain does things. Does yours? Irritating thing, that brain. Mostly it’s a pretty good part of the body. It allows me to do stuff like remember how to take an infant dress and turn it into a bubble suit … Continue reading

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How annoying.

Ok, every year for the past several years my Grandmother has given me some money, with instructions to purchase something I really want that I would not ordinarily buy. This year, I bought a new sewing machine. It’s a fancy … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday #1!

Yes, it’s true! My oldest son has a birthday today! He’s 24! He’s starting school tomorrow! Yes! college! Dear Will, I am proud of you. You’re interesting, well read, and have well thought out opinions. I can start thinking of … Continue reading

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Not the normal sweet and fluffy stuff

This is making me so angry right now I can’t see straight. Go ahead, read it. Then let’s take the whole thing to a natural conclusion so we can all be Nazis and indulge ourselves in eugenics so we’ll be … Continue reading

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Ok I had this dream last night. It wasn’t the least bit disturbing, in fact was somewhat entertaining but with annoying elements. I was on top of a a plateau, like a butte sort of thing with steep cliffs on … Continue reading

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I’ve lost all your contact information in that way only I could manage. Could you email me or somehow otherwise send it to me? This would be why I haven’t commented in 100 years and I miss you!

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I have a cold. gross. It results in nasty tissues littering the floor around the trash can, but only briefly because Rusty the 7 month old Dachshund ADORES soggy tissues and collects them in his bed, along with empty toilet … Continue reading

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You know what’s great about living in The Deep South (we’re about 45 miles due west of Savannah)? Winter, that’s what. 3 days ago it got down to 19 degrees. I put the potted orange trees in the tool shed … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Terry!

Today is Terry’s 48th birthday. Everything is all lined up and ready to go (barring some disaster at work, which is never out of the question). Cake: check…yellow cake with chocolate frosting, 48 candles (tell me how to light them … Continue reading

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