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Happy Birthday #4!

Dear #4, Happy Birthday! You’re my favorite 11 year old! I remember the day you were born, barely. I remember the first thing I said they held you up for me to see. I said “Wow he looks just like … Continue reading

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It’s still good..

#4 and I went shopping today. It’s really nice to go shopping with a kid who doesn’t yet think he’s too cool to be seen with you. Granted, I had to veto the shoes. He picked these black high top … Continue reading

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Weinerdog News

I’ve updated Weinerdog Bliss and will include a link in the blogroll over there. I’ll post news on Rosie’s progress there, if you want to follow. All the stuff published here is also there. Anyway, it’s compartmentalization, and I needed … Continue reading

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Update on the wienerdog

Rosy continues to show cautious signs of improvement. She is no longer incontinent- which is huge for me. She whines when she needs to go, that means she’s feeling something back there, very good says the vet. I love her … Continue reading

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I am happy. For the first time in MONTHS I am actually…happy. Perhaps it’s that whole “Winter Depression stuff” that I go through, and every year around November I decide I am not, and then I do anyway. I guess … Continue reading

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What’s that I see over thar?

Is it…a ray of sunshine? It looks like a light at the end of the tunnel! Could it be an oncoming train? I don’t hear a horn. See it’s like this. I talked to CJ last night. You know, CJ. … Continue reading

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More on Rosie

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