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Talladega 2013

I am trying to type this on the laptop, when the cat has decided SHE is the laptop and the laptop is the armchair armtop. Sure as taxes there is a back pain thing coming, but one does not argue … Continue reading

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I confess to some frivolity induced giddiness.

Agnes McCalvinox has been banished to the basement. Or attic. Or wherever it is you banish disapproving and judgmental inner voices. I am preparing for some frivolous activities. For some non-productive relaxation of the sort many people think is dumb … Continue reading

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Did I mention PIT PASSES?

We have a Big Weekend coming up.  The race is in Talladega, about an hour from my parent’s, and also  on the same weekend as MY BIRTHDAY. AND we have TICKETS to the race and also PIT PASSES. Did I … Continue reading

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Because Spring is time for optimism

The past few days have been those incredible Southern Spring days that us folks in the Wiregrass Region like to fall back on during the scorching, gnat infested Summer months. It’s what we get smug about to our friends in Northern … Continue reading

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Becoming Self Aware

ok,first, a recap of the weekend.  Saturday we drove CJ (our 21 yr old) and #4 (13) up to Terry’s parents house in Madison-about 3 hours north of here and 45 minutes east of Atlanta. Then Terry and I went … Continue reading

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My parents came for a visit over the weekend. Friday was the 19th anniversary of my 27th birthday, and Mom went over-happy at the Antique Rose Emporium and brought 5 (!!) very old varieties of roses to put in my garden…I … Continue reading

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