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Well. Grandad, who lives near Amarillo, had a stroke last Friday. Now he’s out of the hospital and going into a nursing home, and he’s apparently objecting to it rather violently. They aren’t sure they can keep him there, he’s … Continue reading

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Cars, beautiful cars

Yesterday I made the mistake of watching a car show on TV. I wanted something to occupy my eyes whilst folding laundry, and I can only watch so many office re-makes using MDF and ugly green paint. So, car show … Continue reading

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I hope, when I’m 90 and living in an Assisted Living place, that I have children and grandchildren who will come see me. I hope I am living somewhere with family just up the street, who will take me to … Continue reading

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To think, I could have been a high powered doctor

Y’know, most of the time I am content with my life. really, I am. I have 4 children, mostly independent, a husband who’s willing to work long hours so I can stay home and tend house. I can get dressed … Continue reading

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Well, it finally happened

I don’t have a thing to say. Huh.

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Ooh! ‘scuze me!

I am almost positive I was born in the wrong century. Just this morning, I found myself wishing for a complete cessation of bodily functions. They bother me, this generation of odors and secretions and all. I wish I could … Continue reading

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It Is Done!

The Great Project for 2007/08 is finished all the way with backs in the cabinets and handles on the doors! Yay! And I even got the hidden European hinges I craved! Whee! Here’s how it looked BEFORE: Here’s Sweet Daddio … Continue reading

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