What happened?

On February 23, 2015, our husband and father had a massive heart attack. On February 24, his body died and we began grieving for our loss. Starting February 27, these writings are a account of what it is like to lose a beloved after nearly 29 years of marriage. God is my witness, Jesus Christ is my rock and redeemer, and The Holy Spirit is my guide and companion. I am blessed beyond imagining to have family, friends, and a church to help through this. It still hurts, though, and there is a loneliness that can’t really be described or understood, unless you’ve been through it. My hope, with these writings, is that people might better understand what it really feels like to be ripped in half so suddenly. I also hope people will see that it isn’t the end of everything, it is just a beginning of a New Normal, and with God’s comfort and help, it is possible to carry on.

To read about The New Normal from the beginning, start here and read forward.

On Memorial Day, 2018, my third son was in a terrible car accident that resulted in many broken bones and a traumatic brain injury known as diffuse axonal injury. His prognosis as of right now (June 8, 2018) is unknown. I write about how I’m dealing with it starting here.  The fear of the unknown is a powerful force I’m struggling with.  My hope, with these writings, is that people will be able to understand that God is in every situation, just as He was with the death of my husband. He is also in this one. I hope what I write can give people hope, maybe help them understand that we aren’t alone and without guidance in this imperfect and broken world.

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