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Virtue Has many shapes

I made this very virtuous pot of vegetable soup for supper. Very virtuous indeed, low in fat, high in flavor, using the broth from cooking milanesa (super thin beef steaks, very cheap on sale) for enchiladas tomorrow night and all … Continue reading

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Can’t think of anything to blog about today. It’s just…Wednesday. Ran a couple errands, cut the grass, blah de blah, right? Wednesday… So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of Gracie ignoring the dogs. You’ll have to tilt your … Continue reading

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Peppersteak and Gravy, Mashed potatoes

Tonight: comfort food. Screw healthy, screw low fat and high fiber. Sometimes what a person needs is something simple and tasty and comforting. I’m thinking Terry needs a stick-to-your-ribs meal that reminds him of growing up and easier times. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Sweetness and Light: A Rosie Post

Rosie is our smallest weiner dog, the Alpha dog of the pack. 7 pounds of paranoia and neurosis and silliness. She has strange ways, we think she sees things that we don’t. Perhaps she can see portals into another, parallel, … Continue reading

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Information and all

I’ve said before, Terry’s work is causing him no small amount of stress. His boss, El Presidente, is showing signs of early stages of dementia. A while back I said how dementia takes personality characteristics and inflates them. We see … Continue reading

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I just watched this documentary called “Forgiving Dr. Mengele” that followed a woman named Eva Kor, who was one of the twins Joseph Mengele conducted his sadistic and pointless experiments on in Auschwitz. *aside* Holocaust deniers…get a brain. /end aside … Continue reading

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