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On looks and stuff

There’s a sensibility the winds through our culture, that tells us to believe our worth is based on our looks. You know the one, we all know it. It’s the idea that shouts (screams whispers) Young=Good, Old=Bad! Every day on … Continue reading

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Today I feel…

It’s raining today, and a cool 75 with a breeze. Bliss! I’ve opened windows to let this germ-laden festering air out, and good fresh cool rain-soaked air in. The dogs are all icky, walking on their tip-toes because their precious … Continue reading

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Ahmoan getme one-a these.

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Bless me!

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Gloom Despair and Agony on Me!

Ok so maybe it’s not THAT bad, but I’m not feeling so hot. I’m supposed to have lunch with a friend today and I’m about to call and beg off. I have (what passes for) a sore throat. Since getting … Continue reading

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Today I feel…

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Today I feel…


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