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How it happened

…i don’t want to forget, so it is going down on virtual paper. Terry had been feeling poorly, we chalked it up to the flu that was going around. in retrospect it wasn’t. Symptoms were there, fatigue, shortness of breath…could … Continue reading

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random thoughts

People have come and gone, food packaged up, and it’s quiet here. The boys are here, doing things…I am not sure what but that’s ok. they need to be doing things. I am trying to unwind or decompress or something, … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Terry

As I write this, about 4 hours ago my father passed away. The world has come unbound and a dark orchard of loss and grief has taken root. Its effects are total, and exist inside of each moment. From this … Continue reading

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don’t blink

Monday morning, Himself had a heart attack. I won’t go into the details, except that it happened at work. The doctors worked very hard, but given all the stuff, I believe he was dead very soon afterward, if not immediately. … Continue reading

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it is well with my soul

Himself passed away yesterday. He had a massive heart attack Monday morning. I can’t say much more, because it hasn’t really sunk in.

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is there any such thing as “just” asthma?

Last week was Not Much Fun. #4 and I both had the flu. And so did Himself, except that he spent it all 4-1/2 hours north at A Thing. So I wasn’t dealing with him, except for us to cough … Continue reading

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bits and pieces.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Either I’ve been busy doing busy-type things, or I’ve been watching TV, reading, and coughing. Home remedies for coughs have been offered up by many and sundry friends, the internet, and my … Continue reading

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