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Weekend breakdown

We should have 25th anniversaries more often. Perhaps each time a child turns 25, or the 25th anniversary of buying our first/second/third house/first lawnmower/4th metal mixing bowl/2nd washing machine… Ok here’s a list/breakdown. Thursday: Lunch at The Dekalb farmer’s market … Continue reading

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I’m busy!!

Terry and I are currently eating our way through Midtown and Buckhead areas of Atlanta. When we aren’t indulging in utter hedonism of a 19th floor room overlooking the sunrise and Piedmont Park, we’re wandering all over the city in … Continue reading

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It’s quite a day!

25-1/2 years ago I wove my feminine wiles with a pot roast, and convinced Terry I was The One. 25 years ago today, we got married in my parents front yard, with day lilies and hostas blooming, and a couple … Continue reading

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’tis a mystery…

I don’t know about other people my age and older, but I suspect they are of a similar mindset. *an aside…i now this is my second post today, but the laundry is churning and plants are watered and i am … Continue reading

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Thoughts turning inward

Terry and I went to see Captain America last night- excellent movie! It had all my favorite qualities- lots and lots of explosions, easily recognizable good and bad guys (I hate movies that make you think), Hugo Weaving and his … Continue reading

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I just noticed how wrong the picture of the automatic ruffler is. It’s as if someone who wanted to take a pretty picture of it (but had no idea how it actually WORKS) set it up. For those of you … Continue reading

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Ok, yesterday I went to Peaches house. She wanted some help figuring out how to install and use her ruffler, a complicated and scary looking device that is actually HUGE fun to use, but she couldn’t figure it out and … Continue reading

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Get a move on!

There are so many things I used to hear as a child, when I was moving slower that my parents thought I should. “Get a move on!” and “up and at’ em!” and “shake a leg!”…stuff like that. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Busier than a…

I’m trying hard not to get TOO excited,but it’s not easy. After the last several years, and particularly the last year, Terry REALLY needs a break from work. *I* think he needs a solid month, on a whole different continent, … Continue reading

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Sew what!

Yeah yeah, it’s All Sewing All The Time around here. The good news is that I might just have sold a piece- I had a big ol’ chunk of heavy twill sateen in a lovely royal blue…I am not sure … Continue reading

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