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Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

Not My New Year’s Resolutions: Lose 50 pounds Exercise Every Day Eat more vegetables Eat less potato chips Be kinder to my family Be kinder to strangers Blah blah de flamin’ blah. Who does that, anyway, I mean, ok so … Continue reading

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All done but the cleanup

and there’s still a cheeseball in the fridge! Mom and Dad were here, the boys were all here, there was food and little plastic animals that pooped jellybeans and a general excess of frivolity (if you can even have such … Continue reading

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Staring down the tunnel toward Christmas

There sure is a lot of build-up for Christmas, isn’t there? Months of planning (or not, maybe weeks, or I hear some people actually wait until Christmas Even then go “OH NO IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!” and then run in a … Continue reading

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2 weeks from now…

In just 2 short weeks, it will be 2012. Hard to imagine, isn’t it! Why, just a few years ago, maybe 10 (?) I was sledding down the hill behind Westview Elementary School in Champaign,Illinois. I was 7 and we … Continue reading

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I’m not much of a cusser. I know people who it seems every third word out of their mouths makes me want to pull a bar of Octagon soap out of the purse and give them a good tongue scrubbing. … Continue reading

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More Inappropriate Elf nonsense

Ok y’all, a monster has been created. Go here and vote for #89 and 90, and these ones. Because you can, you love me and I said so.

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The Elf On The Shelf

Y’know, that cutesy kids book. Well, I heard of this and had to participate. I hadn’t bought a single thing for Christmas other than a little bit of stuff, but nothing really FUN, y’know. And because of THIS PERSON I … Continue reading

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