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Still here!

I’ve been either busy or uninspired. Have you ever been that way? The acquisition of a fancypants new embroidery program has kept my mind occupied with ways to make antique-looking cross stitch (do it on osnaburg, then tea dye it), … Continue reading

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It’s just one of the many services I like to provide.

There’s always the things I could start on now, while the laundry is churning and since I’ve already had breakfast. The windowsills are dusty. So are the electronics and since some (likely male,who statistically speaking doesn’t consider these things, or … Continue reading

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Blame it on the hurricane

Isaac isn’t anywhere near us. It’s way over there approaching the Mississippi delta (good grief and they aren’t fully recovered from Katrina yet, bless their hearts.) And yet, my arthritis…it’s like…some kind of psychosomatic thing. I hear “hurricane” and go … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap up

I am not yet ready for the weekend to be over. Even thought we’re home now (no traffic on a Sunday morning, so driving was easy and I did all of it. Terry napped) and the dogs have quit telling … Continue reading

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Suffering the consequences

So. Yesterday was full of consequences. (before you worry, no one died, no relationships were ended, and actually this post has nothing to do with anything related to the last 2 posts) I wear aprons around the house. I am … Continue reading

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She’s still thinking too much

So, in the interest of resetting my brain  I was thinking of going to Tybee Island for a day, sometime this week.  Only, according to the people, it’s supposed to rain every day. I take this as a sign that … Continue reading

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Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

My Poor Puppy Rusty, (that’s his name now, to be referred to as “PPR)…he has a broken foot. 3 metatarsals in his front left foot, with nice clean breaks, not displaced (thank goodness, that would have required surgery and pins). … Continue reading

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