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Seriously, click on the video link…

The week has been eventful, in so many ways. I’m going to list them starting with..let me think about it for a minute… Ok last week, I had several projects to present for school. Those went very well. Of course … Continue reading

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Mind boggling

once again, I am amazed by the technology we have at our fingertips.  Truly amazed. I want to say those things like “kids these days don’t know how good they have it” and “when I was a kid we didn’t … Continue reading

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You know how sometimes it just HAPPENS? That sort of CLICK moment that has it all come together and takes a nebulous idea floating in your head and turns it into something with handles that you can actually develop into … Continue reading

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2 steps forward, one step sideways

…or maybe back…no, not really back. Just sideways. Independence Day was Himself’s favorite holiday. Loud noises, grilled food, patriotic celebrations. He loved this country and with all it’s flaws, celebrated living here.  He said, since we had no daughters, that … Continue reading

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