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Joy of love photography thing day 26

Willette’s The Joy of Love project BROMANCE Ok in the interest of disclosure, I didn’t take this picture. I stay far, far away from the mancave when there’s anyone in there I’m not related to. Superbowl Sunday, terry had a … Continue reading

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My intentions

It’s a gorgeous day. It’s supposed to get up into the low 70’s, perfect for riding around acting all happy and stuff, top down on the car and wind in my hair. Sort of, I mean, usually I wear a … Continue reading

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

A couple of weeks a go I had a cold. nothing serious,just the usual sinus-coughy-thingy cold that caused feelings of crud for a few days then went away, but left a cough. it’s happened before. the cold irritates the lung … Continue reading

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After the appointment

Okey doke. I wound up taking fashion advice from the guy with a combover. What can I say…AND Jo’s startlingly simple and quite obvious (except to me) advice of taking a digital camera to take pictures and see how I … Continue reading

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Killen some time, a little bit

I have about 20 minutes before I have to leave for an eye appointment. New glasses, y’all! how about that! I want to get some of those with the clip on sunglasses. The pair I have now are like that … Continue reading

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Joy of Love Photography thing Day 23

Willette’s The Joy of Love project JUST DO IT Awesome Facebook photos Terry Will David CJ

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Sounds good to me!

So, I have this friend on Facebook. I knew her in high school and we did that whole reconnection thing. Anyway, her mother has this happy philosophy that once a woman turns A Certain Age, birthdays should be celebrated every … Continue reading

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