I have Systems. The week is orderly, each day defined by what’s to be done, when and how. There’s also Food Systems. Cooking a meal is more than just cooking for the 3, 4 or sometimes 5 and occasionally 6 people, there’s also the lunches for the next day for 3, 4 or sometimes 5 and occasionally 6 people. So that means 3, 8 or sometimes 12 servings..and that’s ok, because I’m efficient like that.

However, sometimes the system doesn’t quite work out like it ought. Sometimes someone doesn’t show up for supper, no big deal, more leftovers for the next day. Sometimes an extra person shows up, that’s ok too, it translates into a sandwich for someone’s lunch (usually mine). Last night tho…it didn’t work out. Someone didn’t show up, which was fine, but somehow the leftovers didn’t work out quite right either. All the way home from taking #4 to school I was thinking about the leftovers…this is what was fixed last night and let me recommend it to you, and don’t leave out the cardamom…it was delicious. With leftovers. Exciting leftovers because everyone knows chicken and rice is better the next day, but…everyone got some for lunch…and there were no leftovers in the fridge. how very disappointing. Leftover spaghetti, yes, but that wasn’t the delightfully anticipated meal. WHY did I send butter chicken for CJ, who wasn’t there for the spaghetti dinner anyway? Sigh.

Well anyway. Systems. It being Friday, that means the floors will get cleaned, just in time for people to be home all weekend and tromp dirt and schmutz in all over the place. It’s a dumb system, to do the floors on Friday and probably should be changed, but Monday is for laundry and bathrooms, Tuesday is for more laundry involving sheets and blankets, Wednesday is for yardwork, Thursday is MY DAY OFF, and that leaves floors for Friday. Oh sure, floors could be done whilst doing the sheets on Tuesday, but changing sheets means straightening up the bedrooms because who wants nice clean sheets and a sweet smelling bed when there’s mess piled on dressers and cans of paint laying around? I can’t do floors on Monday because that’s also the day the kitchen gets the twice-over…systems, people, are important and consistency is necessary so I don’t have to think too hard about what’s happening from day to day.

But now and then the system doesn’t quite work and that means no butter chicken for breakfast. Sigh.


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