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Growing up

Not sure where this one will take me, but since the laundry’s still laundering and the floors are all swept (amazing how clean a room looks with a just swept floor), I have a bit of time. Oh, I know … Continue reading

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A way with words

So, Friday night #3 went with a couple of friends and a set of parents an hour or so east and south to their house on a river right near the sound as it goes into the Atlantic. They went … Continue reading

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Same old habits but a new pair of jeans! (and a restaurant review)

Yesterday it was raining, so we were unable to participate in the planned activities. Sweet Daddio announced that a trip to Savannah was in order, and so we did. #4 had a bit of birthday money he wanted to spend … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday #4!

Just now you asked me what you could do to pass the time before your party. I gave you Standard Response #2, “Go pick up your legos.” and you gave me Standard Reply #2, “oooooh…” (drooping, sagging shoulders and heavy … Continue reading

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Stolen right off another blog.

Jerseechick had this on her blog, and it’s so good I felt the need to carry it on.

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Thursday! The day before Friday! Which is the Day Before Saturday!

Yay! The weekend is just over the horizon and I actually have absolutely nothing planned. The grass doesn’t need cutting, the pole barn is finished, all wired and lit and every good thing SD and #3 need for happy-making workshoppedness. … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell is Paved With Goo

I wish I had the confidence to know if I was doing what was exactly right. I mean, I do something, I think it might be the right thing, but then I get all these misgivings and second guessings and … Continue reading

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