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Growing up

Not sure where this one will take me, but since the laundry’s still laundering and the floors are all swept (amazing how clean a room looks with a just swept floor), I have a bit of time. Oh, I know … Continue reading

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A way with words

So, Friday night #3 went with a couple of friends and a set of parents an hour or so east and south to their house on a river right near the sound as it goes into the Atlantic. They went … Continue reading

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Same old habits but a new pair of jeans! (and a restaurant review)

Yesterday it was raining, so we were unable to participate in the planned activities. Sweet Daddio announced that a trip to Savannah was in order, and so we did. #4 had a bit of birthday money he wanted to spend … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday #4!

Just now you asked me what you could do to pass the time before your party. I gave you Standard Response #2, “Go pick up your legos.” and you gave me Standard Reply #2, “oooooh…” (drooping, sagging shoulders and heavy … Continue reading

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Stolen right off another blog.

Jerseechick had this on her blog, and it’s so good I felt the need to carry it on.

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Thursday! The day before Friday! Which is the Day Before Saturday!

Yay! The weekend is just over the horizon and I actually have absolutely nothing planned. The grass doesn’t need cutting, the pole barn is finished, all wired and lit and every good thing SD and #3 need for happy-making workshoppedness. … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell is Paved With Goo

I wish I had the confidence to know if I was doing what was exactly right. I mean, I do something, I think it might be the right thing, but then I get all these misgivings and second guessings and … Continue reading

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Soup’s on!

So, even though Sweet Daddio has been gone since Sunday, and even though he, theoretically, returned last night, he’s going to be out again tonight because the Boss is in town and Require’s SD’s Presence. Therefore, I am fixing a … Continue reading

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Sound Bites

I read about honor killings over in the Middle East. Fathers and brothers killing daughters and sisters for wearing makeup, talking to a man, generally behaving as if they’re more than some sort of automaton. I truly don’t get it. … Continue reading

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Yet another monday morning

They keep happening, weekly it seems. You’d think I’d be used to them by now but for some reason I wake up on a Monday morning and sigh. Ok, part of me looks forward to Monday. It means the weekend … Continue reading

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