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Gustav, damn ye…

NOAA shows them lining up like mid-day traffic at Hartsfield Airport. I wonder if Hannah will be kept pushed to the east by Gustav (damn ye!), and hit us along the east coast. It’s been a while, I guess we’re … Continue reading

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Last night saw me fixin’ a Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meal. Oh man, it was good. Yes indeed, and made plenty of leftovers for eating on this weekend. Did I take pictures? No, of course not. I was so caught … Continue reading

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How To Shame A Teenager Into Behaving

Call him a parasite.

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Teenagers! AAArgh!

I mean, really. They’re like 2 yr olds with a stronger sense of entitlement. They think they’re all grown up and ought to be allowed to make all their own (very bad) decisions then they get pissy with you when … Continue reading

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So for lunch today I made a salad. No big news there, I have a salad almost every day. Because I like them and they make me feel Virtuous. Anyway, I have this bag of edemame- soybeans- and on the … Continue reading

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I dunno what I’m going to cook today. #3 requested Chicken Parmesan, so I am considering it. I think whether or not I fix it depends on whether or not he’s in my good graces. Right now, at 6:48am, he’s … Continue reading

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mmmm morefoooood

Today’s culinary adventure involves a tiny South American grain called red quinoa. I recommend it highly, as it’s quick and easy (well, relatively quick- cooks in about 15 minutes) and a fine foundation for any sort of savory additives. I’m … Continue reading

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No wonder I’m so…hm…zaftig. If food didn’t taste so darn good, and come in so many delicious varieties, I’d be…y’know…not-so-Rubenesque. But, I am unwilling to compromise my appetite for the sake of something so silly as vanity. Today, I roasted … Continue reading

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Waxing rhapsodic about my favorite pastime

Y’know, some women like to shop for clothes. Some shop for shoes, and others can’t pass a bookstore without spending something. I don’t care much for these things. My wardrobe is simple, all I require in the way of shoes … Continue reading

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