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Procrastination, Professional Grade

So, instead of sweeping and dusting and being all efficient-like, I’ve spent the morning perusing photographs and I’ve finally got before-an-after stuff together from the kitchen renovation. Here they are: East Wall- Before East Wall-During East Wall-After West Wall- Before … Continue reading

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Because being a woman is Really Hard Work.

Yesterday I was feeling a tad prickly. Well, that’s relative, I suppose. I was feeling 5’4″ of cholla cactus parked at the entrance of the Sunday Canyon Subdivision prickly. It’s the kind of cactus even the contractors with the heavy … Continue reading

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Yep, that thing what rules the turning of my planet, tasty food. We spent the weekend organizing the utility room. It was a disorganized pit of a blackhole, where everything was lost and nothing ever found. I guess Sweet Daddio … Continue reading

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She lies!

The thermometer thingy over on the right of my page! She says 73F right now and I know for a natural fact it’s not one degree warmer than 45F. I know this because I am wearing sweats *and* my wool … Continue reading

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The Final Act

The kitchen project approcheth it’s closing! Hurrah! With the exception of flooring, which will go down November/December, and a couple of small bits of molding and trimwork, it’s Done. This picture is my desk, located where the pantry used to … Continue reading

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This weekend I went to Auburn, ostensibly to see my parents but in reality to get some business attended to and see The Good Dr. H. Monday afternoon. Sunday saw me on the requisite tour of The Garden, a lofty … Continue reading

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The First Day of Fall

Not officially, of course, but certainly philosophically it is. When we woke up this morning, the thermometer read 62F! SIXTY TWO 62 62 62 62 62! La la la it’s 62! And dry! With real dew on the ground! Not … Continue reading

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Another Silly Meme

you know you love them. I got this from Daily Drudge (link over there because I’m too lazy to link it here). Just so you know, JerseyChick and I have known each other longer than we’ve known our husbands. We … Continue reading

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A Bow to the Tradesman

See now, with all this kitchen renovation stuff, we’ve done the bulk of the work ourselves. Ok, so we bought the cabinets from Lowes. I did that because Sweet Daddio simply did not have the time to build them himself. … Continue reading

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