Summer is definitely here. The weather forecast predicts days in the mid-high 90’s for the rest of the week, and even at 7am the air conditioner is blowing and ceiling fans are on. I love ceiling fans.

Anyway, in the interest of Summer, (and assuming I am not whisked away in the Rapture sometime this afternoon), everything is all lined up to take advantage of the cool A/C and wonderful produce available at the local Veg stand.

Inside Projects:
sewing. A friend is going to Chicago for a wedding next week, and wants her 3 daughters to have coordinating outfits. She asked me to make them and i am having a BLAST doing it. The daughters are 13,6 and 3, and making outfits that are age appropriate, coordinating but not matching, that pleases both very conservative parents and still manages to be something the girls will wear (ok, the 13 yr old will wear, the younger ones are easier to please) has been a challenge but enormous fun. I fininshed the 13 yr old’s first- an ivory circle skirt with a matching circle slip (the ivory fabric is thin and requires another layer), and the slip has an olive green tulle ruffle on it that peeks out from under the hem of the skirt *and* a wide sash made of the print fabrics that the younger girls dresses are made of. She loved it. Dad loved it because it’s long enough (just above the knee). The younger girls have print dresses with a coordinating print trim, and ruffles made of the same tulle on the older sister’s skirt, and long pantaloons to wear under the dresses.

cooking: as it’s going to be really hot, and who wants potroast or meatloaf when it’s 97 outside and you’ve been working in a 110 degree mill all day? not Terry, nor CJ. David has been put to work here doing yardwork, and starts school and (hopefully) a new job Monday, and Eli is being forced to spend lots of time outside at school- they’re done with the curicullui currucul…er..classwork in all but math and science, so the teachers shoo them outside for kickball and sweatiness the rest of the time, and he comes home hot and tired, therefore meals are salads and sandwiches.
We love fancy sandwiches. Last night: grilled chicken sliced thin, sliced tomatoes (from the local veg stand-FABULOUS!), fresh mozzerella sliced, fresh microgreens (from the garden) and pesto mayonnaise (jarred pesto, as the basil isn’t up good yet) on grilled ciabatta rolls. y’all….YUM. Just mix a heaping spoonful of pesto with a big blob of mayo…MMmmMMMMMmm.
Tonight will be a grilled steak caesar salad. Emeril has a great caesar dressing that I’ve made before and is really easy. I’ve learned to keep a tube of anchovy paste handy, so I don’t have to open a whole can of them to get just 1 or 2 filets to make the dressing. Gonna slice a loaf of french bread, rub it with garlic and grill it to go with. The whole rest of the week is sandwiches and salads and grilled stuff, so the kitchen won’t get hot and I can put David to work cooking. He’s quite the master at the grill, having worked the grill at Dairy Queen for a year.

So let me ask you this: Do you have any favorite salad and sandwich recipes you can share?

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  1. JerseyChick says:

    Crockpot dips are good in the summer, too- we have a recipe for Reuben dip, and another for Hot Wing dip.
    My favorite is Japanese salad, made with Ramens, but I’m pretty sure you have that recipe already.

    • rootietoot says:

      When you have time, send me the recipes for both those dips. The hot wing dip, I recall, is especially tasty and I am certain it’s something Terry would want for Race Days. Also the Japanese salad-I have a recipe for a broccoli salad with ramens,but it never hurts to have someone else’s take on it.

  2. “Summer is definitely here.”

    Hehe. We got 8 inches of snow the other day.

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