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A thought on Bernie Madoff

I know exactly what they should do with him. He and his wife should be made to live in a single wide housetrailer, one that’s 50 years old and unairconditioned, in South Georgia, at the edge of a peanut field. … Continue reading

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Good Morning from Crosett, Arkansas

To follow our road trip, click on Welcome to Paradise: Terry and Peggy Go For a Ride Considering I hate sleeping in hotels, even in 5 star fancy ones (which this one is NOT), I slept well. Thank you Pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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God is GOOD

You all know I am not the most religious person in the world. I don’t raise my hands publically in prayer, I don’t even go to church (much to my friend El’s dismay, she’s trying so hard to convince me … Continue reading

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The planets align, the moon smiles

I believe in Signs. Not the great big kind, like a finger coming down from the sky and poking you in the eye, but the little ones. I think they are a nudge from God, something that says “ok this … Continue reading

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Been there done that

Just shy of 4 years ago we moved here to Statesboro. Sweet Daddio had been living here for 3 months, in a hotel, eating Taco Bell and Sonic. We would come for a weekend, and a week or two, once … Continue reading

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tying up loose ends

Jerseychick reminded me of wills and powers of attorneys and things that need to be checked on before a long trip, in case we are hit by a train or gunned down in St Louis, our desires for our children … Continue reading

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Good Monday morning to you, too!

Mondays are the best of days, right there next to Fridays. Everything in between is just so much waiting and preparation for Monday and Friday. Monday is recovering from the weekend, cleaning the schmutz off the floor that’s been tracked … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Ok, we actually celebrated Father’s Day 2 weeks ago, when I could get then entire family together all at the same time. BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, a boz of fancy cigars, and Will brought his new girlfriend. Anyway, … Continue reading

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More awesomeness just for you

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Almost exactly 4 days to go before we leave on our trip! Not that I’m counting or anything. We put the top down on Carmina and blew to Savannah, so Sweet Daddio could try out the GPS whatsit, and it … Continue reading

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