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Gun Culture, Rootie Style

I live in the Deep South, the deepest, most saw-grassy part of the Southernest state bottom of the Mason-Dixon line. I was born of and raised by Texans, with a father who grew up on a ranch in the ranchin’est … Continue reading

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Passive Aggressive, rootie style

It was time to take the Christmas tree down. I was not anticipating it with joy and enthusiasm. Here’s how it’s always gone before: Me: “Time to take the tree down, y’all c’mon and help.” Everyone stands around shuffling their … Continue reading

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I know, it’s not Jan 1 yet, but if I don’t make these resolutions now they won’t happen. Besides, why NOT make them on December whatever? Is there a law that says I can’t? I resolve: 1. to smile more … Continue reading

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The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan The Spirit Controlled Woman by Bevery LaHaye. Sex Ed for Christians where I learned God probably disapproves of oral sex. Fascinating Womanhood where I learned all those clever feminine wiles guarenteed to let me … Continue reading

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A feminists worst nightmare

That would be me, and my upbringing. My favorite color is pink, my favorite pastime is growing flowers, I shave my legs and cook meals for my man. And fold his underwear and socks. There’s a reason for all this. … Continue reading

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Posts brewing

If I write these down, I’ll remember them. If I put them to paper, I’ll lose them. Ergo, the virtual corkboard. 1.For New Years: resolutions, regrets, and something else 2.Growing up: Why has it taken 42 years and when will … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

Way back in the day, we knew some people who were British. The company Sweet Daddio worked for was British-owned, so all the management were imports from Gr. B. The one Christmas we lived and worked there, they invited us … Continue reading

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