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It’s All About The Jiggle

I’m into Jello these days. It is the absolute antithesis of my normal dietary aesthetic. I eschew artificial colors and flavors,favoring instead high fiber, low fat (unless okra, chicken, or cheese are involved) and aduki beans. But here lately, it’s … Continue reading

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A Short Conversation Last Night

Sweet Daddio (in the bathroom): “I Am Going To Put A New Roll of Toilet Paper On The Holder…” Me: “Would you like me to show you how, or can you handle it?” (somewhat frosty silence)

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Happy Birthday #3!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun…Happy 17th Birthday, Son O’ Mine! You were a wee little fella when you were born, a solid 6 pounds and much smaller than your chunky brothers, and I worried for a bit that … Continue reading

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The Happy Me Meme

Natalia tagged me for this. Here it is- put down 8 things about your life that have made you really happy.Hm…I’m going to have to think about this. 1. When I was 16, we had a heavy (for North Georgia) … Continue reading

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We’re at that frsutrating point with the kitchen where the Really Major stuff is done, but there’s endless small tasks to be completed before I can take pictures of it and brag. The base cabinets and counters need to be … Continue reading

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Another peek

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Stolen from Trish, so terribly apropos

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