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I love Monday, really.

There are so many reasons to love getting away for a weekend: The household chores aren’t yelling at you You get to eat stuff you don’t normally have (DIM SUM! YUM!) The day-to-day stuff at home doesn’t seem so boring. … Continue reading

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Weekend wrap up

I am not yet ready for the weekend to be over. Even thought we’re home now (no traffic on a Sunday morning, so driving was easy and I did all of it. Terry napped) and the dogs have quit telling … Continue reading

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This is living la vida lazy

I am, right now, on the 17th floor in a corner room of the Intercontinental Hotel in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. I can see the Atlanta skyline to the right, and Stone Mountain straight ahead. And trees. Lots of … Continue reading

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Upcoming projects

Edwardian skirt and vest- fine charcoal grey wool flannel (a very soft and tropical weight wool, perfect for our mild winters), black jet buttons, line with superfine black twill Feminine Edwardian blouse, full sleeves with deep cuffs- ivory cotton jaquard … Continue reading

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Getting it together

I am not, and have never been, the type of woman who can really put an outfit together. I do not have  The Knack. Yes, about once every 3 or 4 years, something magic will happen (Coldwater Creek catalog) and … Continue reading

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As spontaneous as a long distance adoption.

I can’t help it. I don’t like surprises and I am not one of those spur-of-the-moment types. I don’t like it when someone just drops in for a chat (unless it’s someone I know VERY well, whom I am confident … Continue reading

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I love Monday

No seriously, I really do love Monday. I also love Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And Wednesday because it’s the day I have Prayer Group and get to see my friends, and Thursday because it’s my self-appointed Day Off. I do … Continue reading

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The Church thing

I’m not writing so much about God and Religion here, as I am about church- the organization- and my experiences with them. God will probably come into it, because He is,well, the reason for church, after all. I was born … Continue reading

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Now what?

This week has involved Back Pain.  And not the usual  low-back-pain-from-picking-up-heavy-boxes, either. No, this was Upper Back Pain like a hot knife between my shoulder blades. Also? Heartburnish stuff of the gall-bladder (totally self diagnosed, too) which caused a panic … Continue reading

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Hey Pheeno…

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