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A while back…I reckon it was about a year ago, I think (I am not one for keeping up with what happened when, and if it was more than 2 weeks ago, I just say ‘a while back’) my kidneys … Continue reading

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I was sitting in Sunday School the other day, and the teacher called out a bunch of verses, asking us to look them up and someone read them. So most of us (older people) are flipping thtough our Bibles, looking … Continue reading

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29 Day challenge

Gratitude, that is. It’s supposed to be a 30 day gratitude challenge, but I missed yesterday. So, it’s a 29 day challenge. In 29 days it will be Thanksgiving. Well, here in the USA it will be. So, I challenge … Continue reading

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I love eeyore

Sometimes Terry says I am Eeyore, in person. Occasionally accused of being a pessimist, I prefer to think of it as realism. Eeyore had many wise things to say. Here are a few of my favorite: “Good morning, Pooh Bear,” … Continue reading

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So far so good

CJ got all (ok mostly) moved out yesterday. is stuff is minimal- a bed, a small couch, a bunch of clothes and one box of assorted other stuff. His new apartment posses a peculiar odor, reminiscent of old food and … Continue reading

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Today’s the Day

Busy day ahead. Church from 10 to 2-ish, then moving CJ into his apartment! It’s 4th Sunday at church, which means a tasty potluck lunch after the service and I was called and asked to give my testimony which makes … Continue reading

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Have a little whine with that cheese!

You know what really cheeses me? When I get emails or facebook posts that say things like "If u luv Jesus then ul post this. If u don’t luv Jesus ul ignor it. post this so i no u luv … Continue reading

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