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AS I sit here, Shostakovich’s 7th “Leningrad” drowning out everything else going on, I’m getting nervous. I’ve kept very busy all morning, supervising a deep-cleaning of the house, doing laundry, making lists, and have been just fine. Now everything’s done. … Continue reading

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ooh…a friend gave me an Amazon gift certificate, to keep me entertained while laid up. So, I bought some music WHEEE! Ravi Shankar and Phillip Glass….Shankar’s kinda the Indian equivalent to Andre Segovia- he’s this sitar master world famous n … Continue reading

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Chateau le Jeau

I’m loading up the iPod, maybe thinking of taking it to the hospital. They say music has healing properties and soothes savage beasts and all, so I have this nice theory that it will reduce the post-operative discomfort to a … Continue reading

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I’m back, a quart low

You know, there is something about a hospital that is privately run. St. Joseph’s is a Sisters of Mercy hospital, and I couldn’t find a single thing to gripe about. Even the construction was quiet. The lobby looks like a … Continue reading

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SD and I are off to the hospital tomorrow at 7:30 am for pre-operative shenanigans. They’ll do an EKG, MRI,UPS,FedEx, and make me a salad. They’re taking blood,wind, and urine. They said to bring an advance directive and a comprehensive … Continue reading

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Driver’s License Draaaahhma Update

We arrived at the DMV promptly at 9 this morning, made them aware we were there, and waited for a bit. #3 took his test, passed with flying colors (96%, he forgot to signal when he was parallel parking), and … Continue reading

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E-bay, Baby!

Yeah! Shostakovich’s 7th and 10th symphonies, 25 pounds of mosaic tiles and a wheeled nipper, a Panamanian mola, and a genuine WW2 propaganda poster featuring Uncle Sam, Hitler dressed as an organ-grinder’s monkey, and the leaders of the Allied countries … Continue reading

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