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Magical leap year

Like the Olympics, once every 4 years, this extra day. We should make it something special, instead of just a regular day. Right? of course. It should be a Free Day. No school, no work, or if you do work … Continue reading

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I need a title.

I like to wear aprons. Being a messy sort, it keeps me from having to change clothes just to go into town. I have a fairly large selection. David has given me one for Christmas the past 2 years. One … Continue reading

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CJ called and asked if I’d go to Savannah with him. How sweet is that! He chose him MOM to go to the Party Town of the East Coast, instead of one of his goober friends! So of course I … Continue reading

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Hand Talk

My hands look really old. They say you can tell a person’s age by their hands, more than their face and I believe this. I have very few wrinkles on my face, but the hands show every single year, all … Continue reading

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Don’t like the weather? give it a day, it will change

So here I was bragging about the weather in the Deep South and how fabulous it is this time of year (true) and how I can drive around with the top down on the convertible (also true) and all that… … Continue reading

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This is why I love living here.

It’s February, folks (in case you haven’t noticed). According to the weather widget, right now at 2:36pm it is 81F degrees (or do I say 81 degrees F or do I just say 81F?) and that translates into 27C degrees … Continue reading

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20 years or so

So, I was reading Bella’s blog and she’s talking about settling in with her husband’s retirement. It got me to thinking about Terry’s retirement in 20 years or so. Initially 20 years sounds like a long time, but then I … Continue reading

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