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Better now

See, I knew I’d get over it. I always do. When something upsets me, the best course of action is to go ahead and be upset for a while and get it out of my system. Trying to not be … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces

because I don’t really have the attention span right now to pick a topic and stay with it, but there is an internally produced obligation to WRITE SOMETHING. *Still no vacation. Work is Too Important right now. Bitter much, Peggy? … Continue reading

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The mockingbird on the patio

I have a miniature orange tree on my patio. It’s in a large pot and I use it to (ineffectually) hide the heat pump, which the peron who built this house chose to put on the patio, instead of around … Continue reading

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Stress can do funny things to a body

Yes, it’s been interesting around here. Terry’s work, my tooky brain, relationship stuff too delicate to go into. Normally when I am stressed it spills over into my dreams and I have bad ones, scary ones that are all about … Continue reading

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I need a vacation.

Blaaaaahhhh! What I need is Time Away. Away from the house and all the myriad THINGS yelling at me to be done. Time away from my own brain, thinking constantly, evaluating and revisiting, gnawing on past issues, mentally regurgitating like … Continue reading

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Mood swings

I’ve written before about being bipolar, and the FUN and EXCITEMENT! that comes with it. You read about Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood, and how it’s classic mania. Catherine Zeta-Jones quietly announces she’s going into a hospital for a … Continue reading

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The Sofa

We have a 1967 Vintage Ethan Allen sofa. Over the years we have looked at other sofas, pondered getting one that was Newer and more stylish, pondered buying this one and then decided that Terry was perfectly capable of making … Continue reading

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