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Learning to embrace your inner child

When you hear that phrase “your inner child”, I am pretty sure they mean something about finding wonder in butterflies and joy in simple things. You know, how a 3 year old will entertain themselves for hours with a cardboard … Continue reading

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They’re all useful in their own ways

Children, that is. When they’re little, you can’t really call them practical or useful, not *really*, except for entertainment value or personal affirmation. I mean, what makes you feel better about yourself than some small person squealing and holding their … Continue reading

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I haven’t died, not even a little bit. Ok maybe a little bit. Let’s say the couch is really comfortable right now. I’ve also been kind of busy with a new toy. Newish, anyway. It’s this Pfaff thing. Peaches asked … Continue reading

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Ok better now

Situations resolved fixed and replaced with another situation. When you have as many adult children as I do, who are still young enough to do something stupid, you never really get to the point where everyone is chugging along happily, … Continue reading

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I’m alive…

Just not in the best spot at the moment, I’ll be back soon.

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Summer Seven

Summer Seven: An Off-The-Top-Of-My-Head List of Summer Happenings… 1.June- I don’t remember anything from June! 2. July-fancypants vacation to Kentucky planned, then cancelled! oh wait, that happened the end of June… 3. Consolation trip to Atlanta involved amazing food and … Continue reading

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Morning Break

Now that Summer is Officially Over, there are no more excuses for slackery. As long as it’s between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is easy to put things off. “Oh, it will just get messy again tomorrow” and “someone … Continue reading

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