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Holiday musings

I hate that word: musings. You see it all the time in blog things…stuff like “random musings of a (insert humble deprecation)housewife/student/whatever. I’m not humble. I know I’m a damn fine cook, a good mother to my kids (they tell … Continue reading

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*whew* one holiday down, one to go.

Mom and Dad left an hour ago. I got the first Christmas recipe up at Rootie’s Kitchen. it had to get up because if you’re going to fix it that needs to be done now, in order to be ready … Continue reading

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Ok. The turkey is smoked. Instructions and recipe is at Rootie’s Kitchen, if you’re interested. The dressing is made and in the freezer. Ditto on the recipe. The cranberry sauce (ditto) is cooling on the stove, soon to be put … Continue reading

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It’s all about me

See, what I want are anonymous people who won’t identify themselves (which is why they’re called “anonymous”…go figure) yelling at me in ALL CAPS but when your stats say things like “4 people read your blog today” and you are … Continue reading

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Where she gets all philosophical

The question of the hour is this: Why am I doing it? Why am I cooking all this food and invited everyone and their neighbors? Am I wanting people to go OH! Peggy! You’re so Wonderful! You are a fantastic … Continue reading

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Aaaaaand we’re off!

to the races, that is. Thanksgiving Week, people. It starts today for me. Cleaning, marathon cooking, more cleaning, whip cracking and tongue lashings. Fortunately for the whole entire world, PMS is a week past and won’t show it’s face again … Continue reading

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a philosophy of food

I’m cross posting this at Rootie’s Kitchen. I don’t like canned food. Particularly canned vegetables with the exception of tomatoes. I love canned tomatoes because they make fixing tomato sauce easy. But everything else? Why use canned when fresh is … Continue reading

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