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Choosing a new house

*edit: The title was changed in order to Google-up this post I dislike living in a neighborhood. I look with hope and wonder at the people I know who live out in the country. We lived in the country once…well, … Continue reading

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what? Another one?

We are suckers for animals, much to the irritation of our neighbor to the west, who thinks one is too many and complains constantly about our dogs that bark at him when he wanders onto our patio looking for tools … Continue reading

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I don’t understand!

I’ve posted before about this, how MAGIC things seem to me. If I don’t know how it works, then it’s MAGIC. Computers, microwave ovens, radios and TV, electricity…all MAGIC. There are many things I understand. I ‘get’ my gas stove. … Continue reading

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Somebody get these guys in a Biology Class

Will someone please get these men a biology class? First, Representative Todd Akin says that women who are victims of legitimate rape won’t conceive because the body shuts down and prevents conception. I am, because I am nice this way, … Continue reading

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I do not like Amarillo, Texas. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. I do like my grandmother, and the only reason she’s in Amarillo is because she’s from Canyon and Amarillo was the closest place with the … Continue reading

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and just like that, it’s 1975

I mailed #4’s final payment for camp last week. Satisfied that he was all set, I felt like a grown-up and Proper Mother. My kid’s going to camp, as kids like to do, he has his medical thingy, all the … Continue reading

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Suffering the consequences

So. Yesterday was full of consequences. (before you worry, no one died, no relationships were ended, and actually this post has nothing to do with anything related to the last 2 posts) I wear aprons around the house. I am … Continue reading

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Dear You guys who control everything,

Warning: This is a bona fide rant. If you have trouble with strong opinions, go here. Ok menfolk. This is the 21st century and it is commonly acknowledged that women are every bit as smart as men. Or it should … Continue reading

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Silly thing.

My brain does things. Does yours? Irritating thing, that brain. Mostly it’s a pretty good part of the body. It allows me to do stuff like remember how to take an infant dress and turn it into a bubble suit … Continue reading

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How annoying.

Ok, every year for the past several years my Grandmother has given me some money, with instructions to purchase something I really want that I would not ordinarily buy. This year, I bought a new sewing machine. It’s a fancy … Continue reading

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