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Tomato memories

My mother always had a garden. And she always, ALWAYS grew tomatoes. Lots of them, enough to can for the rest of the year. I love tomato season. When I was a kid, I’d go pick one in the afternoon … Continue reading

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Lunch came from the garden, mostly

The last of the salad greens. a fresh, still warm tomato a cucumber that bit of fresh mozzerella left over from the other night Slice everything, drizzle with a bit of balsamic vinegar and some cracked pepper and you have … Continue reading

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If I had a lick of sense…

I’d throw on some old clothes and go outside. Earlier in the week I put CJ and his new truck to use, pulling some old stumps out of the bit of garden where I have herbs and roses (oh don’t … Continue reading

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On Growing Old

I love that phrase “growing old”. It’s positive. It implies that it’s an improvement. “Getting old” sounds like a disease or something you aquire from standing in dirty pond water. “Becoming old” seems as though it happened by accident. Growing … Continue reading

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Menus for two

Well, now it’s just Terry and me. Dad called last night and said he’d taken #4 in for a haircut (dad has a deep and abiding aversion to messy hair, and 4’s was quite so) and all was well there. … Continue reading

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#4’s at the grandparent’s for the next 6 weeks. Dad and I discussed firearms. I showed him the Colt I want, and the etching, and he said he’d love to tool me a holster to match, but I’d have to … Continue reading

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Today is SOSAD. I did not know it was SOSAD, but since it’s supposed to be every June 21,perhpas I’ll remember it for next year and stock up. SOSAD is Strangely Orange Snack Appeciation Day. These are my favorite Strangely … Continue reading

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