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I need to stop and take a breather….

It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Sorry ’bout that, but between the malware/adware/underware o the computer that makes it nigh upon impossible to do anything without cursing and wanting to throw things, and the cold that morphed into bronchitis that … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, everyone. No, really, Merry Christmas!

It’s almost 8 am. We’ve been up since 5, which is the Time To Get Up On Christmas Morning. All the stuff has been opened, the wrapping paper gathered up, the cinnamon rolls (from a can, as the skies didn’t … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Dilemna

I’ve probably written about this before, but it’s on my mind so here it goes again. Mother’s Day…I like it. However, it brings up so many mixed feelings.  You know how parenting magazines are all about taking care of little … Continue reading

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Not gonna do it.

I receive emails that say things like “blah de blah if you pass this on and send it back to me I’ll know you love Jesus. If you don’t, I’ll know you don’t love Jesus.”  Stuff like that comes up … Continue reading

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Cranky Griping Person 2.0

Grumble… So I woke up this morning and was all “hey! I don’t feel so bad today! Like, nothing aches!” Then I thought “Oh cool! No PMS this month!” and that was nice because typically I feel like driving over … Continue reading

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The family letter

In 1927, The Family Letter was started. My grandmother’s mother’s family, the Cunninghams, started this letter so all the cousins and descendants could keep up with each other. It is still going on! I received the letter on Saturday. When … Continue reading

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Know Thyself

If you have ever read this blog at all, you can tell immediately that I am not a political or social commentator. This is not one of those clever blogs that calls people on their baloney or points out inconsistencies … Continue reading

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A whole new experience

Yesterday was rough, y’all.  I got a call from my father, who asked me to call Grandmother and talk to her, assess her over the phone. Grandmother’s 100th birthday is in August, and she lives in a (very nice…REALLY REALLY … Continue reading

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I’m probably stepping in it now.

I reckon the whole pot of stew stirred up by the Rush Limbaugh/ Sandra Fluke controversy has me more upset than I realized at first. First of all, I despise it when people resort to name calling. It pisses me … Continue reading

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