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Deck the halls, rah rah rah…

In spite of the worlds best efforts, in spite of cheery commercials that tell me if I give/get expensive electronics and sparkly jewelry I will be showing/receiving proper love to my family, in spite of a massive stack of catalogs … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year…

Yes, it is. When you start seeing hints and tips and clever ideas for how to avoid that nasty weight gain over the holidays (starting with Halloween candy). REACH FOR A BABY CARROT INSTEAD OF CANDY CORN! which looks just … Continue reading

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Mother’s Little Helper

Anxiety has been running rampant lately.  I was warned. Dr H (psychiatrist) and Dr R (gynecologist) both warned me about mid-40’s perimenopausal nonsense and THERE IT IS. Really for the last couple of years, but I thought I had stuff … Continue reading

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You can’t pick your relatives. I wish there were some way I could gracefully bow out of the lives of some people while retaining a relationship with others, but I can’t. They’re a package deal. I have to figure out … Continue reading

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Blame it on the hurricane

Isaac isn’t anywhere near us. It’s way over there approaching the Mississippi delta (good grief and they aren’t fully recovered from Katrina yet, bless their hearts.) And yet, my arthritis…it’s like…some kind of psychosomatic thing. I hear “hurricane” and go … Continue reading

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What I want, what I want, what I really really want

A way to lose 50 pounds without a diet or surgery or disease.  I’d make a zillion$ if I could come up with that. Or exercise. Ye gods I am lazy. For ALL of my children to have a Plan. … Continue reading

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Update on the cat

Gracie has the flu. The vet tested her for the Really Nasty things- feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and she was negative for both. Apparently a cat that is strictly an indoor cat has a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting … Continue reading

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There are things about myself which I hate (this is my attempt at not ending a sentence with a preposition.) There are things I hate about myself…(I don’t like that either) I hate some things.  (how can I write that … Continue reading

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Now what?

This week has involved Back Pain.  And not the usual  low-back-pain-from-picking-up-heavy-boxes, either. No, this was Upper Back Pain like a hot knife between my shoulder blades. Also? Heartburnish stuff of the gall-bladder (totally self diagnosed, too) which caused a panic … Continue reading

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Dream a little dream

I have disaster dreams when things get hairy in life. And, things have been kind of hairy. Oh, not in Real Life. Actually as far as the normal living stuff of bills and health and relationships and all that day-to-day … Continue reading

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