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Maybe it’s all finally coming together.

So, there are a couple of anxiety-inducing events upcoming. One involves immediate family and will remain unsaid, but trust me when I say it causes anxiety.  The other is my grandmother. She’s 100 (as of August) and slowly fading away … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces

I saw The Good Dr H on Monday.  He, being a medication minimalist, said he wants to give the new stuff another 6 weeks or so before deciding if the dose needs to be increased.  I am ok with that. … Continue reading

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Autumn in the Deep South

Fall in the Deep South is pretty spectacular.  Oh, we don’t have the variety of color you see in New England or even in the North Georgia mountains. About the best we can do here will be the burnished red … Continue reading

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In case you couldn’t tell by the tone of several recent posts, I’ve been in a Mental State lately.  The Good Dr H listened to my pleas and prescribed a pill. Oh sure, you might be thinking “PILLS. Bah. Pills … Continue reading

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Making stuff!

Terry got ahold of some spare money the other day (which in itself is awesome- who doesn’t love a bit of spare money?) and spent it on Woodworking Supplies…mainly, LUMBER. Lumber to him is as fabric to me. So I … Continue reading

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A party!

In case you can’t read it: To mark the 75th anniversary of the publishing of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, you are invited to participate in a global event; SECOND BREAKFAST! at 11:00 am wherever you are. Inspired by the … Continue reading

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Elbow grease

You know, I never remember that the most therapeutic thing I can do, anytime there’s some sort of psychological/philosophical/existential crisis going on, is work. Labor type, work up a sweat, get my back into it WORK.  It has to be … Continue reading

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I can do this.

One of the things I have trouble with is perspective. I get  caught up in the problems and issues of family, and how THIS CRISIS seems overwhelming, and THAT SITUATION is intractable but the reality is…it’s all kind of small, … Continue reading

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I’ve started several posts, and quit. Too whiny, too self absorbed, too…something.  So, I am going to make a list…of things I can see from my chair, going clockwise. At 12 o’clock-the screen on the computer…duh. 1:00 Daisy in her … Continue reading

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The family letter

In 1927, The Family Letter was started. My grandmother’s mother’s family, the Cunninghams, started this letter so all the cousins and descendants could keep up with each other. It is still going on! I received the letter on Saturday. When … Continue reading

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