After 2+ weeks of master bathroom renovations (which still aren’t done, but at least I can see the end of it now), the bedroom was a flamin’ mess. A pile of paint cans, drop clothes,baskets full of shi…er…stuff from the bathroom (how did all that shi…er…stuff fit in there, anyway?) and general renovation mess with the occasional pile of drywall dust and bits of wallpaper shreds…irritating mess, especially to a neatnik, but pointless to clean it up because the next day there’d be more.

But today, seeing the light at the end of the renovation tunnel, the bedroom got all cleaned up, all the piles of laundry (that’s another issue entirely) dealt with, swept dusted cleaned fresh linens on the bed and curtains (new) with the wrinkles steamed out and now the bedroom looks lovely and MUCH nicer. Now perhaps I’ll quit smacking that not-quite-healed broken toe on things.

Much better.


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One Response to satisfaction

  1. Bella Rum says:

    There is nothing like sprucing up your bedroom. The process of home renovations is a mess but the end result is usually worth it. Sleep well.

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