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The Language of love

We have been married for 26-1/2 years.  Wow, that seems like a long time when it’s written down like that, but it’s gone by really fast. This morning, we were up… well… early for the rest of the world, but … Continue reading

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Phleud’s back!

For some mysterious reason, Phleud,our male Siamese cat who decided we were unworthy as a household, has returned. He stands in the front porch window, looking either hopeful or belligerent (it’s hard to tell on a cat) until someone opens … Continue reading

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The cat is doing much better.

Yesterday morning she starting coughing, big hacking wet coughs…I worried briefly then looked down at her food bowl and saw that she was finally eating (she hadn’t eaten since Wednesday, and when you’re a 6 pound cat not eating for … Continue reading

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Suffering the consequences

So. Yesterday was full of consequences. (before you worry, no one died, no relationships were ended, and actually this post has nothing to do with anything related to the last 2 posts) I wear aprons around the house. I am … Continue reading

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Magical leap year

Like the Olympics, once every 4 years, this extra day. We should make it something special, instead of just a regular day. Right? of course. It should be a Free Day. No school, no work, or if you do work … Continue reading

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The generosity astonishes.

So the whole Homer Affair was pretty awful. I won’t say it’s as bad as it gets, because my children are all alive and healthy, no one is starving, no one has been abducted into sexual slavery in Thailand. (my … Continue reading

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Well, we did it

Terry got in touch with Missy at Porth Kennels, and we drove the 2-1/2 hours to look at puppies. There were several to choose from, and rather than choosing one (how do you pick just one?), Terry sat down in … Continue reading

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