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Just over the horizon

Spring is nearly here! It’s cold this morning, 30 degrees (that’s -1C to the rest of the world. Honestly, Celcius makes so much more sense, 32 for freezing seems so arbitrary) but sunny. The past weekend was an appetizer, (in … Continue reading

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She once was lost but now she’s found…

Daisy hath returned, covered in mud and visibly annoyed at having missed several meals. I don’t know what sort of Houdini act she pulled,but her harness is gone. She gave me a casual “oh hi” as she made a beeline … Continue reading

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Mexican Cornbread

Every household needs a fall-back meal, something made from whatever’s in the fridge/freezer, that can be put together with little or no measuring or thought. today has been spent worrying about the missing dog, fretting about Terry’s need for glasses, … Continue reading

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Oh where o where has my little dog gone…

oh where o where can she beeee? So #4 took the dogs out for a walk last night, and in the confusion/mayhem (4 dachshunds, right, comes with the terrortory), Daisy got loose and we haven’t seen her since. We spent … Continue reading

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In the garden

This weekend was one of those miraculous times, the reason I live in the Deep South. It was a couple of days that made the scorching, oppressive days of August worth living through. 65 degrees, sunny, birds singing, and all … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamed about cooking, all night long. I’d wake up and think “ooh, that sounds good I need to remember it.” Then I’d fall back asleep and dream about something else. I dreamed of eggplant (fresh from the … Continue reading

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I want I want 1.5

So While I’m looking hard and heavy at the furniture, also running in my mind is the idea of accessories, bits of color that won’t be as permanent (or pricey, I hope) as the big pieces. So, investigation into Arts … Continue reading

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I want I want

I want new furniture for the living room. A couch and a couple of chairs, specifically. The end tables, etc are all just fine- antique things but the couch isn’t even Vintage yet, just Old and Ugly, a 1967 Ethan … Continue reading

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Sewing it up!

So, I have this friend who makes incredible children’s clothes- you know the type (this is her web site). She called last night and wanted to know if I’d do some work for her- making boys pants. “I hate making … Continue reading

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I had lunch with a friend today. El found some shirrrrrrrrOH! in her freezer she’d forgotten about, and wanted to celebrate. ShirrrrrrrrrOH! is a pasty stuff made from lentils, onions and tomatoes and the mysterious and intriguing berbere spice blend…like … Continue reading

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