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It’s a Guy Thing

it’s cold, damp, cloudy and bleh today. I intended to go to Willow pond with Lily, but the cable guy came, left, another one came, he left, now I’m waiting for the first one. Nothing serious (as if TV of … Continue reading

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Disease and infirmity

#3 has strep, plus the flu, bless his heart. I am feeding him high-quality homemade eggdrop soup, hot tea, lotsa citrus fruits, more soup. He’ll probably be out of school the rest of the week. I have gone through the … Continue reading

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Well. 2.0

I may wind up at the Dr. office again today, not with #2’s broken finger (there is that, but this is in addition to that) but with #3’s throat and fever. He’s been running one since Monday, and his throat … Continue reading

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2-1/2 hours ago, #2 comes charging in from school, shouting “MOM LOOKIT MY FINGER!” and I did. It was swollen, bent funny, and an uncomfortable shade of blue-purple. “Gracious!” I commented, “I’m calling the doctor.” And so I did. 2 … Continue reading

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For the first time ever, I don’t have anything to say. Well, for me, that is. Let’s see…#3 is home sick with a sore throat and swollen ‘nodes. I am giving him hot and sour soup, lemon zinger tea, and … Continue reading

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Behave yourself!

HAve you ever driven down the road, and wondered what would happen if every other driver decided to ignore all rules of civility, and drive wherever the hell they want? It happens to me often, when I realize how much … Continue reading

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So, I spent an egregious amount of time this morning cleaning the boys’ bathroom. Here’s how it works in the Toot household. I have my bathroom, which I share a teeny bit of counterspace with Sweet Daddio, and he gets … Continue reading

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