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Today we heard that they moved SD’s cousin’s 9 yr old son to hospice care. There just isn’t anything more they can do for him. No clinical trials, no guessing, nothing. Now it’s all a matter of when. There is … Continue reading

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Well, this is exciting! A while back I promised #3 that he could get an old truck to fix up, if he found just the right one. Well! We did! Actually, I found it, on Craigs List, and showed it … Continue reading

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Rootie’s Remedy

#4 came home this afternoon announcing that he’d thrown up at school a couple of times. The school nurse and I know each other on a social basis, so she knows my attitude toward infirmity. Therefore, since it was toward … Continue reading

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The Teacher Conference

It went very well. It turns out #4’s 2 teachers are quite fond of him, his courtesy, sense of fair play, and willingness to own his mistakes. They like that. We spent the time together coming up with a plan … Continue reading

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More of the last thing…

…because I want to and I need something simple to think about. Last thing I put on my body: a pair of tatty house slippers Last thing I put in my mouth: a swallow of iced green tea with lime … Continue reading

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So. I’ve been whining about my kids and the heartburn they’ve caused. This evening, Sweet Daddio came home with the news that his cousin’s 9 year old boy is probably dying. He’s been through leukemia twice, a bone marrow transplant, all … Continue reading

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