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What if my rich uncle left me a million dollars?

Attention all readers: I’m not as whiney as I seem. Sure, I’d love it if Sweet Daddio worked fewer hours, but I’v learned to make the most of his time at home, as best I can. If this means changing … Continue reading

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Pathos…or something

As I was cleaning today, I felt satisfied, happy that the house smelled good and looked nice. Then I thought…in what way does this actually benefit anyone? Does it save a life? Or enable another family to…I don’t know…do something … Continue reading

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New web site find! White Whine Thanks Amber (link in the sidebar)!

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and so it ends…

The day after Memorial Day is supposed to be the kickoff to summer. You know, Summer…hot sun, popsicles, sleeping until noon and staying up til midnight playing spotlight tag and sleepovers with friends. Summer is vine ripe tomato and salami … Continue reading

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Game Over!

The outlaws left about an hour ago, and Sweet Daddio and I sat in the swing and ruminated over the weekend. It is our happy realization that everyone pretty much behaved themselves. There was attempted one-up-manship between the mothers-in-law, with … Continue reading

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Let The Games Begin

So, the outlaws, both sets, are due in this afternoonish. I have a little bit of cleaning to do- touch up the bathrooms and give the floors a sweep. I need to get 4’s clothes all washed and packed, since … Continue reading

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Laugh Hard….hard….(hard)

I love watching movies. In the theater, a DVD, doesn’t matter. It’s the 2 hour escape into another world, being transported out of my own boring reality into a place where there’s adventure and drama and a happy ending. I … Continue reading

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Med changes are scary. There’s never a good time to do it, because even when you’re changing stuff up, life marches on. There’s no time for considering scary side effects, or bad reactions or any of that stuff. I can’t … Continue reading

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Brain Farts

Sunday, I drove to Alabama, to spend some time with my parents, and to see The Good Dr. H. Monday morning. He’s in Montgomery. “Rootie!” you query, “Why do you drive 5 hours to see The Good Dr. H. when … Continue reading

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